Introduction: ATSC3pro is a PC/Linux based ATSC 3.0 single stream professional receiver. It can be used to view ATSC 3.0 broadcasts, collect signal quality data and test ATSC 3.0 applications. ATSC3pro comes with an SDK that allows it to be used as application development and testing platform. It can be installed on desktop, rackmount or portable form factors.

Features: ATSC3pro is based on BitRouter’s ATSC 3.0 middleware package called ATSC3pak described here. The first product release supports the following features:

  • A/331 signaling
  • A/331 ROUTE SI support
  • A/334 RPC Calls
  • A/337 application manager
  • A/330 link payer protocol
  • A/332 guide data
  • A/343 captioning and subtitles for broadcast
  • A/333 service usage reporting
  • Pluggable browser
  • Native applications
  • SDK for application development
  • HDMI 2.0a output

Future releases will support the following features:

  • A/331 MMTP SI support
  • Downloadable applications
  • OOB captions for broadband services
  • A/360 security
  • ATSC 1.0 integration
  • Multi-program decoding from single frequency
  • Support for native decoding on embedded SoC platforms and demodulator chips as they become available.

ATSC3pro uses the DekTec DTA-2131 demodulator card. Existing DTA-2131 owners can license just the ATSC3pro software and integrate it themselves. Currently, there are no plans for multi-tuner or channel bonding support on the DekTec DTA-2131. These features will be supported on future embedded platforms.

Configurations: ATSC3pro is available in the following three configurations:

  • Pre-integrated with a desktop PC running Linux
  • Pre-integrated with a rack mount PC running Linux
  • ATSC3pak software for self-install with DekTec DTA-2131 demodulator cards

Availability: BitRouter is targeting May 2018 for early feature ATSC3pro deliveries. We will continue to field upgrade all deployed products as new features are implemented. Please contact us for pricing.

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