Gopal Miglani of BitRouter

Gopal Miglani

Gopal Miglani is a communicator and entrepreneur with interests in sustainability, history, the arts and travel. He is the President of BitRouter, a digital TV software company that he founded in 2002. In 1997 Gopal founded SoftProse, Inc., another Digital TV company that was acquired by Next Level Communications / Motorola in 2000.

Prior to 1997 Gopal was the Director of Engineering at Microware Systems a digital TV and real-time operating system company. He holds a master’s degree in computer science from Iowa State University and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Delhi College of Engineering. He is the author of two patents for BitRouter.

Paul Freeman of BitRouter

Paul Freeman

Paul Freeman is BitRouter's VP of Engineering. Prior to joining BitRouter, Paul managed the engineering team for the Iowa office of Next Level Communications / Motorola, and served as a principal architect for their residential gateway / set-top box product line. He was the Principal Software Architect at SoftProse, Inc., which was acquired by NLC/Motorola.

Paul has over twenty years of experience in the digital television and MPEG industry, having worked on both the consumer electronics side of digital television products for Motorola, Next Level, SoftProse and Microware; and on the video server side for AT&T. He holds a PhD in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University, a patent for an ATM based MPEG-2 video server architecture for AT&T and a patent for BitRouter.

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