3pi is a Linux based low-cost and low power ATSC 3.0 & ATSC 1.0 headless receiver based on the Raspberry Pi platform. 3pi targets automotive and distance learning applications where direct (HDMI) video output is not required. The idea is to use the non-real time features of ATSC3 to download content into a low-cost device and use an embedded web server to serve this content within the home or automobile over IP. 3pi uses BitRouter’s proven ATSC3pak software stack to implement NRT file download and serve the content to client devices. 3pi is priced at $1,495 in single quantities.

3pi is a software development platform for:

  1. Automotive applications of ATSC 3.0
  2. Distance learning applications of ATSC 3.0

3pi is based on our proven ATSC3pak software that has already been deployed by broadcasters in set-top boxes. 3pi also uses the same proven software we are already shipping in our set-top box platform called ATSC3pro.

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