3pi is a Linux based, low-cost and low power ATSC 3.0 datacast receiver based on the popular $35 Raspberry Pi platform.3pi targets NEXTGENTV datacasting applications. 3pi is based on our proven ATSC3pak software that has already been deployed by broadcasters in set-top boxes. 3pi also uses the same proven software we are already shipping in our set-top box platform called ATSC3pro.

The 3pi platform can be cost reduced to an ultra low-cost device. It can also be deployed as-is. Broadcast transmission costs can reach as low as $0.001/GB.

Some use cases:


  • Receive, Store and Distribute Emergency Response (ER) content (Maps/Overlays, Data, Still Imagery/Video) sought by First Responders operating beyond LTE coverage areas.
  • ER crews can get data on their mobile devices, tablets, or laptops over Wi-Fi from our mobile server – without cell tower coverage.
  • Battery operable, compact receiver with 12+ hour battery life.
  • Private label our 3pi server and UI with your TV station logo – customization service provided by BitRouter.
  • Build your TV station’s brand within your local communities.
  • Donate mobile servers to your local ER units.
  • Data is cached on mobile server indefinitely or until erased.
  • Broadcast data is saved even if TV transmission ceases to operate.
  • Each mobile server can serve up to 250 emergency responders over Wi-Fi.
  • BitRouter can work with you to customize the browser experience and management of the downloaded files.
  • BitRouter technology partners can deliver custom branded Emergency Response applications to extend your stations’ presence across mobile devices and web-enabled environments.
  • Bridge the digital divide.
  • 39 million Americans don’t have access to high speed Internet.
  • Broadcast lessons to students at home.
  • Datacast receiver and server runs on $35 Raspberry Pi.
  • Serve lessons to any device in the home over Wi-Fi.
  • Students can access data and media files over any browser on any tablet or laptop.
  • BitRouter will work with broadcasters, school districts and technology partners to integrate the 3pi with existing delivery infrastructure.
  • Compact 2.5”x4.5” Raspberry Pi is ideal for mobile testing.
  • 12-hour battery life on included standard phone battery.
  • Software displays metadata for each file including number of download attempts.
  • GPS receiver can be interfaced to Raspberry Pi to save location data for all readings.
  • 12v auto adapter included.
  • 39 million Americans don’t have access to high-speed Internet.
  • Expand market reach for movie & show subscriptions and rentals.
  • 3pi sever runs on $35 Raspberry Pi – ultra low-cost design is possible.
  • Ultra-low transmission costs – $0.001 per GB
  • Serve videos to any device in the home over Wi-Fi.
  • No Internet connection required.
  • Manage cached content via broadcast manifest files.
  • Software updates are broadcast over the air.
  • Rentals via smartphone QR code scan

Technical Details:

  • 3pi server receives and caches all ATSC 3.0 NRT files transmitted on the currently tuned frequency.
  • Cached files can be accessed via any browser connected to server over Wi-Fi.
  • 3pi Server broadcasts its own unique SSID. No external Internet connection is required.
  • Browser based user interface to scan for services and tune to desired service.
  • All required hardware and software including:
    • Rugged Raspberry Pi 4 based server.
    • BitRouter’s 3pi server software
    • USB-A Tuner dongle with Sony demodulator
    • Flexible tuner dongle extender cable for rugged use
    • Rugged 5” truck-roof mountable magnetic base antenna with 16’ cable
    • Rechargeable Li-ion battery for 12-hour field use without power
    • Power supply
    • 12V USB-A adapter for automotive use
    • 32GB micro-SD storage card, expandable to any size supported by Raspberry Pi.
    • USB-A to USB-C power cable for battery & auto adapter use
  • Software updates via Ethernet. The 3pi server checks for software updates when it is connected to Ethernet.
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