Watch BitRouter’s presentation of the ATSC3pro at CES 2019.

Introduction: ATSC3pro is a Linux based ATSC 3.0 professional receiver and gateway. ATSC3pro is based on BitRouter’s ATSC 3.0 middleware package called ATSC3pak that is described here. The current, April 2019, release of ATSC3pro supports the following functionality:

  • TV user interface application with HTML5 source code
  • HTML5 native app development SDK and documentation
  • Gateway functionality
    • WebSocket interface for currently supported features like guide, channel change, direct channel entry, channel scan, etc.
    • Streaming over Wi-Fi and Ethernet
    • Linux based client software with source code for sample HTML5 TV user interface application
    • MPEG-2 transport stream encapsulation option
  • Remote software updates
  • Recording streams in ATSC Link Layer Protocol (ALP) format
  • Utility to convert recordings from ALP to PCAP format
  • Download and playback recordings from local storage without the need for modulation or demodulation hardware. This represents a tremendous cost saving for a large software development team.
  • Support for ROUTE/DASH broadcasts
  • NAGRA content protection technologies
  • HDMI 2.0a 4k 60 Hz output

The following features are under development. Features marked with an asterisk* may require upgraded hardware. All other features can be enabled with software updates.

  • Support for simultaneous set-top box & gateway mode operation
  • Multi-tuner support
  • Support for MMTP broadcasts
  • ATSC 1.0 integration
  • iOS & Android clients
  • Local storage support
  • DRM support*
  • Android support
  • Dolby AC-4 integration*
  • SHVC support
  • PCAP format stream capture
  • Support for HTML5 downloadable apps
  • Advanced Emergency Alert
  • Captions & Subtitles
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