Watch BitRouter’s presentation of the ATSC3pro at CES 2019.

Introduction: ATSC3pro is a Linux based ATSC 3.0 single stream professional receiver. It can run on a desktop or laptop PC with several different demodulators. ATSC3pro is based on BitRouter’s ATSC 3.0 middleware package called ATSC3pak that is described here.

The current, January 2019, release of ATSC3pro supports the following functionality:

  • HTML5 based UI with grid guide
  • HTML5 native app development SDK
  • Native C/C++ UI
  • Channel change
  • Channel number and call letter display
  • Remote software updates
  • Remote stream capture in ATSC Link Layer (ALP) or PCAP format
  • Playback and analysis of downloaded ALP or PCAP streams without the need for modulation or demodulation hardware. This represents a tremendous cost saving for a large software development team.

There are several new features under development for 2019:

  • DRM support
  • Dolby AC-4 integration
  • SHVC support
  • Gateway streaming support by splitting the software stack between a gateway and a client
  • HTML5 downloadable app development SDK to support content replacement and ad insertion
  • Android support
  • Local storage support
  • MMTP, EAS, captions & watermarking
  • ATSC 1.0 integration
  • Support for more demodulators and SoCs

Configurations: ATSC3pro currently supports the following three demodulators

  • Coherent Logix HyperX™ processor
  • RedZone Receiver USB stick
  • DekTec DTA-2131 demodulator PCIe card

All configurations can run on a desktop PC. The RedZone Receiver USB stick also use a standard laptop.

Pricing: Please contact us for pricing that includes hardware or a software only license.

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