Watch BitRouter’s presentation of the ATSC3pro.

Introduction: ATSC3pro is a Linux based ATSC 3.0 set-top box and gateway. ATSC3pro is based on BitRouter’s ATSC 3.0 middleware package called ATSC3pak that is described here. ATSC3pro can be used as follows:

  • By broadcasters to test signal reception and performance. ATSC3pro supports remote signal recording and playback.
  • By broadcasters for beta trials
  • By ATSC equipment vendors for testing
  • By retailers to showcase and demonstrate 4K TV receivers
  • The user interface for ATSC3pro can be modified to highlight a brand. ATSC3pro comes with HTML5 source code for the user interface.
  • Custom diagnostics can be added as per broadcaster requirements.
  • ATSC3pro is an ideal platform for custom projects because the entire software source code has been written and is controlled by BitRouter.

Hardware Specifications:

  • Intel i5 NUC
  • 8GB RAM
  • 120GB SSD
  • IR receiver and remote control
  • USB ATSC tuner
  • Optional 2TB HDD for future local VOD and DVR support

The currently shipping software release is called Axiom. It supports:

  2. EPG
  3. Direct channel entry
  4. Program info
  5. Channel surfing
  6. Remote broadcast recording
  7. Diagnostic data logging
  8. WebKit browser
  9. HTML5 UI with source code
  10. Software updates through Dec 31, 2020

The next major software release is called Binomial and is planned for December 2019. It will support:

  1. ATSC 1.0
  2. Multiple tuners
  3. Auto software updates
  4. Setup Menu
  5. Diagnostics
  6. Local VOD (with 2TB HDD)
  7. Channel map storage

The Cofactor release planned for March 2020 will support:

  1. Simultaneous STB & Gateway operation
  2. iOS & Android clients
  3. Widevine DRM

Future releases will add support for:

  1. Embedded SoC platforms
  2. Dolby AC-4
  3. DVR
  4. Android AOSP
  5. MMTP
  6. Downloadable broadcaster apps
  7. Advanced Emergency Alert
  8. Captions and subtitles
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