ATSC3pak is BitRouter’s software package that implements ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 1.0 standards. It is available for both Android and Linux. Details about ATV, our turnkey Android App for ATSC based on ATSC3pak, can be found here. Details about 3pi, a prototype datacast receiver based on ATSC3pak, can be found here. ATSC3pak features include:

  • Plug-in support for third party HTML5 user agents and media players
  • Portability via a SoC porting layer
  • Support for set-top box, television and datacast receiver devices.
  • Support for multiple tuners
ATSC 3.0 defines a complex set of software standards required to implement a TV receiver. These include:
A/330 Link-Layer Protocol
A/331 Signaling, Delivery, Synchronization, and Error Protection
A/332 Service Announcement
A/333 Service Usage Reporting
A/334/5/6 Audio & Video Watermarking
A/337 Application Signaling
A/343 Captions and Subtitles
A/344 ATSC 3.0 Interactive Content
A/360 ATSC 3.0 Security and Service Protection
ISO 14496-12 ISO base media file format
ISO 23008-1 High efficiency coding and media delivery in heterogeneous environments – Part 1: MPEG media transport (MMT)
ISO 23009-1 Dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH)

BitRouter’s ATSC3pak product implements these standards using a cohesive, modular and extensible software architecture that allows multiple protocols and network topologies to co-exist. Following is a high-level block diagram of our ATSC 3.0 receiver software implementation. ATSC 1.0 is not shown in the diagram for the sake of clarity.

Click the image for an enlarged view.
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