BitRouter’s TVrefpak, CBpak and future TV packages to integrate UpdateLogic’s UpdateTV™ for seamless software downloading capability in the United States.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

HOPKINTON, Mass. and SAN DIEGO, Calif. – BitRouter and UpdateLogic announced today that BitRouter has licensed UpdateLogic’s UpdateTV™ Client for integration within the BitRouter’s TVrefpak solution. UpdateTV is a complete service which automates the distribution of software patches and upgrades directly to digital TV devices over terrestrial and cable networks. The “UpdateTV Client for TVrefpak” will allow companies who license and use BitRouter’s TVrefpak software to seamlessly support field updates of TV software with the UpdateTV service.

BitRouter’s TVrefpak is a complete ATSC and Digital Cable Ready solution for the North American television market. It contains all the software protocols necessary to comply with the FCC’s digital tuner mandated. TVrefpak and its component modules — PSIPstack, CAPstack and PODstack are currently shipping in over 8 million televisions each year. CBpak is a complete and configurable solution for ATSC Converter Boxes targeted at the shutdown of analog broadcast in February 2009. BitRouter will also integrate UpdateTV with its IDTVpak for integrated TV receivers and DHNpak for TV receivers with digital home networking capabilities.

UpdateTV automates the distribution of software patches and upgrades directly to digital TVs at no cost to the consumer. Built on the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) A/97 Software Data Download Specification Standard and compliant with the Open Cable Common Download standard, UpdateTV provides a cost-effective, ubiquitous method to proactively update an entire digital television software stack with no user intervention.

Gopal Miglani, founder and president of BitRouter said, “By adding UpdateTV to TVrefpak, we are pleased to offer a field upgrade solution for our customers. Software stability is important in the consumer electronics market. The ability to update software, add features and enhance previously deployed software is a key to sustaining TV sets with complex software.”

“Most people do not realize the tremendous amount of software that’s inside digital TVs today,” said Tripp Blair, CEO of UpdateLogic. “TV manufacturers need to have a system to quickly and easily disseminate software patches directly to consumer’s televisions; UpdateTV is such a system.”

About BitRouter

BitRouter provides comprehensive products and engineering services for digital TV systems. BitRouter takes pride in exceeding its customers’ expectations by providing robust, elegant and complete software and hardware engineering solutions. Companies interested in BitRouter’s “UpdateTV Client for TVrefpak” may contact BitRouter directly for information about the technology at +1-619-847-1458 or For more information on BitRouter, visit

About UpdateLogic

UpdateLogic provides a nationwide delivery network for the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers to automatically distribute software updates for digital devices over cable and terrestrial television networks. UpdateLogic’s premier technology, called UpdateTV™, helps manufacturers proactively protect the integrity, functionality, and reliability of their brand name digital televisions. UpdateTV transparently distributes patches directly to televisions with no intervention and at no cost to the consumer. UpdateLogic Incorporated was formerly known as Broadcast Data Corporation.

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